What are my clients saying?


I am so grateful for my sessions with Sandra. A deeply intuitive and caring nature influences her skillful treatments. I always feel more balanced and calm with Sandra. She has helped me to feel more capable of pursuing my evolving life’s work.

K. Buchanan

New York, NY


After the first session, I felt lighter and stronger inside and out (like I had gotten both a massage and counseling). The effect lasted for over a week. I have had two sessions since, each one is different. I am looking forward to several more visits.

Donald Zulch

Rochester, NY


I hired Sandra to work with our animal companion because there was a lot of separation anxiety. Sandra was calm, peaceful and compassionate about our situation and she handled our pet with gentle kindness. Once she left, we noticed a difference in how many times per day our pet expressed anxious behaviors.

Lisa Wires

Brooklyn, NY


I came to Sandra because Reiki can help with emotional healing. I was desperate to release my anger and lack of self-worth. With each Reiki session I became more realistic and felt my personal power slowly returning. Now I'm back to living "in the present", self- assured, with a healthy positive attitude.

Cherie B

Syracuse, NY